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Frau Gabriele Zillner, Schulleiterin

Lionel has joined us after years of consulting for Wall Street’s biggest financial institutions. He studied economics at Harvard University.

James Potter

Mr. Potter joined us in 2010 as an Investment Analyst and was promoted to Senior Investment Officer. He has long experience as an analyst.

Sekretariat, täglich von 7.15-11.00 Uhr
Frau Cornelia Hapfelmeier

While Lily works here only 10 years, her efficiency allowed us to name her a Senior manager of our biggest portfolios.

, montags und dienstags von 11.30 bis 16.00 Uhr
Frau Monika Baumgartner

john joined us in 2007, has been Company Secretary since 2010 and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2015. He is a Chartered Accountant.